Details and Issues With Paying Your Own Bail, Part 2

details paying own bail
Details and Issues With Paying Your Own Bail, Part 1
September 4, 2020
posting bail probation violation
Posting Bail for Probation Violation Arrests, Part 1
October 2, 2020
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Details and Issues With Paying Your Own Bail, Part 2

details paying own bail

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on those who have been arrested and wish to pay their bail amount on their own. While this is not a common occurrence in most cases, it is technically possible and does happen from time to time.

At Beehive Bail Bonds, we’re here to help with 24/7 bail bond services, plus connections to local defense attorneys and other areas of expertise for those who have been arrested or their friends or family looking to help out. We went over some of the basics of the process in part one of our series – today’s part two will focus on the specific qualifications for posting bail yourself, plus how you’ll have to proceed if you go this route and why bail bondsmen are such a great alternative.

Cash on Person

The first basic requirement for posting your own bail in an arrest situation is also the largest burden at play and the main reason this happens so infrequently: You must have the bail amount on your person when arrested. And with the majority of crime types you might be placed in jail for, this simply isn’t likely.

How many people walk around with in excess of $500 in cash on them these days? Not many, but most bail amounts are set at least this high, if not even higher. It’s very uncommon for those incarcerated to have these funds on-hand, which is why bail bondsmen are so often utilized.

Other Factors

On top of having the cash to bail yourself out, you’ll usually have to meet a few other requirements as well. These may include:

  • Being a homeowner of a home that has equal or greater equity to your bail amount
  • Having a good credit score and a stable job
  • This is your first significant offense
  • Being a long-term resident of the area

In many cases, if you fail to meet even one or two of these criteria, you may be denied the ability to post your own bail even if you happen to have the cash available.

Additional Bondsman Benefits

For many of the reasons we’ve gone over in this series, hiring a bail bond agent is often simply the obvious move for those who have been arrested. This is true both due to the issues present with paying your own bail and several other areas bail bond agents assist with, from dealing with jail staff to recommending defense attorneys, helping track court dates and much more.

For more on paying your own bail and the risks associated with it, or to learn about any of our bail bond services, speak to the staff at Beehive Bail Bonds today.