Meet the Team

Amanda Lundahl-Robinson, Chandler Robinson

435-755-7602 435-258-2468

Counties, Cities, Jails covered: Cache County Jail, Box Elder County Jail

Experience: Amanda and Chandler have been with Beehive Bail Bonds for 2 1/2 years

Bio: Chandler is father of two and donates the majority of his free time to coaching baseball. He has coached all different ages from Little League to High School. He enjoys being outdoors with his family whether it is yard work, snowmobiling, or just hanging out.

Amanda is also an avid baseball fan, and enjoys watching Chandler, and her two children play sports. She has a large garden and enjoys growing all kinds of vegetables and flowers in it. She teaches cardio kickboxing and other fitness classes in her spare time.

Your History in your area: Chandler and I are both from Cache Valley. We were born and raised here. It is a great community. One thing that we love the most is the scenery. It is a beautiful place to live.

The best thing about being a Bondsman with Beehive is being able to help people. Most of the people that we meet everyday are great people need help to get back on track. Our clients are great and we really appreciate them

Joni Anderson Bott


What Counties, Cities, and Jails you cover: I cover Utah County Jail in Spanish Fork, Orem Holding facility, and the local courts.

Experience: I have been an agent for Beehive Bail Bonds since November 2002.

A little something about yourself: I graduated from UVU, (at the time it was UVCC) in Business management/Fashion Merchandising. I grew up in a family owned business, and was taught the importance of our customers and personal service. I love meeting new people and forming new friendships. I’m a “talker,” so I like talking to people, and I have a good listening ear. I think that’s why I love my job so much!

Why you like what you do: I’m married to my husband Tom. We have been married for 28 years, and have lived here in Utah County for 27 years of that time. I’m a mom to a daughter and a son, so I can relate to raising kids in a troubled world. I understand a parent’s frustration, and I’m non-judgmental. Some of my clients I have cried with, hugged, and became their confidant. Some clients call me with updates on their children’s, or friend’s, progress and successes, which I love to hear about. I’ve even had a few marriage proposals from the defendants that I bond out! I see some of my former clients out and about, and they always stop me to say, “Hi, do you remember me? You helped me, and you were so nice!” That’s the most rewarding feeling of all.

For fun, my family and I like to go Jeeping in Moab, hiking our local trails, boating on our Utah Lakes, taking our two dogs for walks and rides in the car, and vacations together to Disneyland is our favorite. We have traveled to Europe together, and we have been on three cruises. Family time is important to me. I have a “sub-agent” Jill that takes over for Utah County bonding when I’m gone, so someone is always available to help you.

I love my job! Beehive is the best company to work for…what else can I say! Our main corporate office is in Salt Lake City, but I live here in South Utah County. I’m only 20 minutes from Utah County Jail, so wait time is usually minimal.

Robin Barraclough


What Counties, Cities, and Jails you cover: Davis, Weber, & Boxelder Counties

Bonding Agent: 28 Years

Enforcement Agent: 26 Years

Federal Service: 48 Years

Additional Experience: I work in Davis County, Farmington & Weber County, Ogden & Box Elder County, Brigham City areas. In addition to years of experience in the field as a bonding & enforcement agent, I taught bail enforcement at Salt Community College for several years at the Larry Miller Campus. Instruction included rules & laws applicable to bail enforcement agents. Additionally, I cited many cases I had worked in the field explaining circumstances, precautions, & special situations with each. I also related numerous times working with law enforcement on State & Federal Levels. Also served for 2 years on the State Of Utah BCI Bail Enforcement licensing and regulatory board. This entailed reviewing licensing applications, voting on regulatory items, & reviewing violations for applicable penalties. Attended the University Of Utah and Weber State when I completed my studies. Also served in the United States Airforce for 10 Years.

Rich Nordell


What Counties, Cities, and Jails you cover: Davis County, Weber County and Box Elder County

How long you have been an Agent: 11+ Years

A little something about yourself: I enjoy spending time with my family and extended family. I have an awesome wife who is very patient and two great sons that have been a blast to raise. I love music, from Classic Rock to Ska, or from Metal to Hip Hop, and even a bit of Classical and Country. I like to ride motorcycles and golf even though I don’t get to do either as often as I wish. I do hate yard work, and if the state allowed it, I would trade bonding services for yard work.

Why you like what you do: I love what I do, because I not only get to help our clients get bonded out of jail, but I get to help their families get through a traumatic experience, with dignity and respect. Also, with the experience I’ve acquired, I can answer my client’s questions and point them in the right direction for help. In our family we joke that we are the only family that wishes to live in close proximity to the jail.

Positive experiences with clients: I have had more clients than I can count, that have thanked Robin and me for helping them with their bond and for the advice and information we have shared with them. I have received thank you notes from family members, parents, clients, and even inmates from the jail that we have helped by making phone calls for them. It is rewarding to know that I am helping our clients navigate the legal system and can help them through a very difficult time.

Your History in your area: I have been working for Beehive Bail Bonds in Davis County since July of 2004, when I inherited the Davis County territory from my father-in-law. Don Sterling taught me the ropes and shared his ability to work well with all types of clients while maintaining perspective and a sense of humor. I enjoy sharing the territory with Robin Barraclough, and will continue to strive to help clients out of tough situations.


Blaine Ercanbrack


Experience: 29 years

Personal information: I am proud to be a Bail Agent for Beehive Bail Bonds since 1986. Myself, along with my fellow Beehive Agents are very experienced and we treat ALL of our clients with courtesy and respect, as well as getting your loved one out of jail in a very professional and expeditious manner. Just give me a call 24/7 at 435-649-9111 and we will put everything in motion to get your family member or loved one out of jail, quicker and more efficient than any other company ! Beehive Bail Bonds…the Company you can Trust !

Larry Jackson


What Counties, Cities, and Jails you cover: Kanab and Southern Utah

How long you have been an Agent: 8 Years

A little something about yourself: My name is Larry Jackson. I have been in the Kanab and Southern Utah for 30 years, I have been an agent for Beehive Bail Bonds for the last 8 years. I have good knowledge of the court system and look forward to helping you and your friends and family out in a difficult time.

Vickie Boren Anderson / Mildred Betts

435-789-2321 435-790-5010 435-789-2749 435-790-2002

Counties, Cities, Jails covered: Available 24/7 in Uintah, Duchesne, and Daggett

Personal information: While working as a waitress, in Vernal, I learned the legal system wasn’t easy to navigate. I made a decision to help others find solutions and avoid typical legal landmines, leading me to Beehive Bail Bonds. To say I love what I do would be an understatement. Being arrested can be intimidating and difficult (to say the least). I love being the calm reassuring voice on the other end of the phone when you call me. I take confidentiality and discretion very seriously. With 33 years of experience there isn’t much I haven’t witnessed. I will offer probable outcomes and potential solutions based on my experience and years of observation of thousands of cases similar to yours. When a concerned family member reaches out to me, I enjoy being the voice of reason and to offer comfort and reassurance that things will come to a quick and reasonable resolution.

Positive experiences: In order to assure you a positive response to your call of distress, I have backup.

Unfortunately, I have built a large repeat clientele over the years. Fortunately however, I have remained in the business and am still in a position to help others. I often go the extra mile—driving clients home, meeting family members at their convenience, and reassuring them that they are not alone. Indeed, I am more than an agent, I care about you and the resolution of your unfortunate circumstance. If you call you, you can be assured you will get an answer.

History in this area: My family has called the Uintah Basin home for 4 generations. I have a deep understanding and respect for area in which I have chosen to raise my children, grandchildren, and build my life. These communities are built on a strong work ethic, deep sense of independence, and strong core values. I understand the need to work, the need to be self-sufficient and will do everything I can to insure you resume your normal daily routine as soon as possible.

Torrey Morrison

435-628-6882 435-619-5534

Counties, Cities, Jails covered: Iron County, Cedar City, and St George Utah.

Experience: 10 years

Personal information: My name is Torrey Morrison I have been an agent in the St. George area for over 10 years. I enjoy spending time with my family and being a bail bondsman. It gives me the unique opportunity to help my clients get back to their family lives and keep their jobs during difficult times. I cover Iron County, Cedar City, and St George Utah.