Consumer Alert

Shopping for Bail Bond agencies can be risky. Be sure to research your bond company thoroughly and ask a lot of questions before relying on their services.

1Is the company a member of The Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) arbitrates and rates companies. Beehive has been a member of the Better Business Bureau and Professional Bail of the United States for Decades.

2Does the company offer a discount on fees? Rule R590-196-4

A bondsman cannot charge less than 10%. Don’t be fooled by bond companies offering less than 10% and then find out later that you’re signing for the balance of the fees. Don’t open yourself up for a lawsuit, depositions, and Criminal actions. Beehive cannot give discounts but we can arrange financing with no interest. Example: Pay $100.00 down and $100.00 a month with no interest.

3Does the company offer a No Collateral bond?
Consider it a red flag if the company offers a No Collateral bond. Watch out for companies that will write a bond and not secure the liability. Some companies are willing to write a 20,000 bond and take your $2,000 or $3,000 bond fee with no collateral. These companies find a way to say you violated the contract – they arrest the defendant and revoke the bail. You will then be responsible to pay the arrest fees in addition to the bond fees you’ve already paid.
4Does the company charge Interest Fees, Bond Fees, Credit Card Fees, Bounty Hunter Fees

Read the Fine Print and ask questions.  Hidden in many companies contracts are High interest rates, Bounty Hunter Fees and Credit Card Fees. Many companies charge in excess of 20%-30% compounded monthly interest.  Beehive does “not” charge interest on payments, unless payments are missed or payments are less than the agreed amount. Beehive’s interest rate is only 12% annual.  Many companies have an in house bounty hunter. They will bill you just to look for the defendant.  Beehive contracts with an independent Bail Enforcement company. They only get paid if they arrest the Defendant.  Many companies charge a fee to accept your credit card for bond fees or payments.  Beehive does not charge a credit card fee for bond fees or payments.