April 17, 2024
judge’s decision bail amounts

Frugality When Posting Bail for a Loved One

If you’re a loved one who is considering posting bail on behalf of someone close to you who has been arrested and jailed, you may have […]
March 12, 2024
Collateral Used for Bail Bonds

Kinds of Collateral Often Used for Bail Bonds

There are some cases where an individual has been arrested and jailed and is looking to secure their release, but does not have enough liquid cash […]
February 15, 2024
posting bail probation violation

Increasing Bail Likelihood for Domestic Violence

There are certain kinds of charges or cases that may involve a bit more nuance than others when it comes to securing release from jail via […]
January 9, 2024
Bail Bond Process

How to Simplify the Bail Bond Process

There are a few processes that can seem overbearing and stressful if you or someone close to you has been arrested and booked into jail for […]