How Posting Bail Benefits Your Ability to Mount a Defense

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How Posting Bail Benefits Your Ability to Mount a Defense

posting bail benefits defense

While there are certainly some major restrictions placed on those who are being incarcerated, it’s technically possible for someone awaiting trial in jail to work on fighting their case without securing a release. Through meetings with attorneys, limited phone calls and other small opportunities, you can theoretically prepare a defense in this manner.

At Beehive Bail Bonds, however, we’re here to remind you just how much more difficult this is than the alternative: Hiring one of our bail bond agents to help you post bail through cheap bail bonds, allowing your release and a much more detailed, convenient way of fighting your charge – while also, of course, getting to live a normal life outside the confines of jail. Today’s blog will detail exactly why it’s far more beneficial to be taking part in this process from the outside, including several areas that also closely relate to basic quality of life for you and others close to you.

Benefits of Working

For starters, securing your release from jail allows you to return to work – the faster the release, the less chance that being incarcerated impacts your previous employment. And while this has obvious benefits in terms of supporting yourself and your family, there are also others that relate directly to your pending case.

For one, maintaining viable employment is viewed positively by judges, prosecutors and others within the system who you may be dealing with. This can be particularly beneficial in cases where you take a plea deal, as this kind of productive behavior between incarceration and trial will reflect positively on your character. In addition, building up some savings during this time is important, as such a deal might also come with a fine that you have to begin paying off in the near future.

Attorney Access

While it’s technically possible to communicate with your attorney from in jail, the simple reality is that it’s far harder and the opportunities are fewer. You have to queue up to use the phone, and then your calls might not even be completely private – and they’ll usually be limited in length.

When you’re on the outside, none of these limitations are in place. You can visit your attorney’s office at your convenience and take the time to go over every important detail. On top of this, you’ll have better access to family, friends and other potential resources that were not available to you inside.

Head Start on Treatment or Programs

If you’re at risk of being found guilty during trial, or if you plan to enter a guilty plea and take a deal of some kind, it’s possible you’ll be required to engage in some kind of treatment or program as part of your sentence. For many drug crimes, for instance, convicted offenders will be required to participate in drug and alcohol remediation treatment – but you can get a head start on these areas yourself if you’re outside jail. Not only does this improve the way you look to the judge or prosecutor during sentencing, it clears some of your time later on down the line.

For more on why it pays to be outside jail as you fight your case, or to learn about any of our bail bonds or related services, speak to the staff at Beehive Bail Bonds today.