Helping a Friend or Loved One in Jail

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November 15, 2018
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Helping a Friend or Loved One in Jail

helping friend loved one jail

If you have a friend or family member in jail for any reason, this can be a stressful time. Even in today’s age, information about their incarceration may be hard to come by at first, and there are several areas of stress that might come into play here beyond the simple distress of having someone you care about in trouble.

At Beehive Bail Bonds, we’re here to help. We can offer numerous tips for saving both your time and money in these situations, plus can help with vital bail bond services so you aren’t floundering financially. Here are four areas where you can potentially help a friend or loved one who is in jail.


In many cases, people who go to jail will be eligible for temporary release if they can post bail. This is a refundable fee that is repaid after the accused person shows up for their scheduled court dates – essentially a safeguard against them getting out of jail and then fleeing.

In many cases, those arrested will not have the funds available to pay this fee directly. This is generally where we come in, offering bail bonds that meet the bail requirements at a much lower cost to you. And as a friend or family member who is not in jail, and therefore has much more freedom to communicate and organize, you can be a big help in arranging these services if someone you care for has been arrested. Understand, however, that if you use your own personal property as collateral for a bail bond, you will be legally liable for the person you’re assisting.


It’s not always realistic to visit someone you know in jail, but if they’re going to be incarcerated for any reasonable period of time, do your best to stay in regular contact. Phone calls are an option for most inmates at least once a day, and they also have access to letters that you can use to relay detailed or legal information they may need to keep track of. Jails will generally provide contact information as needed.


When you can, try to visit a friend or loved one who is in jail for any period of time. Jails keep standard visiting hours during which this will be available, but every facility is different, so you should call in advance to find out about any guidelines. Be prepared to be searched fully when entering the premises, so jail staff can be sure you aren’t attempting to smuggle contraband in.

Legal Areas

Through either in-person contact, phone calls or letters, keep your friend or loved one up-to-date on any legal matters you can help with. If you’re helping them attain a defense attorney, for instance, keep them updated on the progress here. Days in jail are long and lonely, and knowing positive progress is being made on the case can go a long way.

For more on what you can do to help a friend or loved one in jail, or to learn about any of our bail bond services, speak to the pros at Beehive Bail Bonds today.

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