Why Bail Bonds Are Often the Prudent Choice

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Why Bail Bonds Are Often the Prudent Choice

bail bonds prudent choice

While you or someone close to you being arrested and jailed is certainly not an ideal situation no matter what, there are a few subsequent options you have that range pretty widely in terms of their results and outcomes. In a huge number of cases, the most prudent, affordable and realistic such option for those in this position is utilizing bail bonds through a reputable bail bond agency.

At Beehive Bail Bonds, we’re here to provide 24/7 bail bonds to clients around Park City, Heber City and numerous other parts of Utah. Here’s a brief comparison of bail bonds with the other general options that are available for those who have been arrested and booked into jail, plus why bail bonds are typically the simplest and most realistic way to go if you’re in such a position.

Comparing Bail Bonds to Other Options

For those who are just becoming familiar with them, a brief primer on bail bonds: For many people arrested, a judge will set what’s known as a bail amount, which is the amount that must be paid in order for them to be released from jail. But because many people cannot afford the full bail amount, they can turn to a bail bond agency like Beehive Bail Bonds for assistance.

This is where the term “bail bonds” comes in: A bond is basically a type of loan that must be paid back or else the person can incur serious legal consequences. At Beehive Bail Bonds, we provide these types of loans to help our clients get out of jail and return to their normal lives. As long as clients attend their required court dates and meet all the conditions of their bail, they’re able to avoid serious legal problems and also steer clear of any major financial issues.

Now let’s compare that with the other typical options available to those who have been booked into jail:

  • Paying full bail: This is the most expensive option and it’s not a realistic one for many people who are arrested. Unless someone has access to the full bail amount, they simply can’t afford to pay it off right away. Many bail amounts will be in the tens of thousands of dollars, so this is a major financial burden for many people.
  • An alternative to bail: This can involve such things as house arrest or some other type of stay at home situation with constant monitoring by the court systems. But again, these arrangements are not realistic for many people and they often involve stricter conditions than those that would be imposed under normal circumstances.
  • Staying in jail: Finally, often the least desirable option is for an individual to stay in jail and wait for their court date. This will involve the longest time away from home, the least amount of flexibility and often come with a much higher financial burden as well.

Our next few sections will go over a few specific reasons why bail bonds are generally preferable here.

Less Financial Strain

Naturally, one of the largest advantages of bail bonds is the fact that they can help alleviate some of the financial burden associated with being arrested and waiting for a court date. Bail bond agencies will typically charge only 10% or less of what the full bail amount would cost, making them much more realistic than simply paying off the full fee right away.

In cases where the full fee is being paid, on the other hand, this often involves major financial strain for a family or an individual. People may have to empty their savings accounts, put up valuable assets as collateral or take out expensive loans to cover the cost. When bail bonds are utilized instead, however, the financial strain is substantially lessened and in many cases can simply be returned to an affordable monthly payment plan.

Favorable Legal Outcomes

When it comes time for a court date, those who have used bail bonds are typically far better positioned than those who have stayed in jail or utilized other alternatives. Often, the court will take into account how an individual responded to their obligation to attend court dates and meet whatever conditions were set forth in the bond agreement when making a ruling.

Time at Work/With Family

By utilizing bail bonds, those who have been arrested and booked into jail can often spend far more time at work or with their families than would be possible with other options. Alternatives such as house arrest or simply staying in jail severely limit a person’s ability to continue working or spending time with loved ones – but when bail bonds are used correctly, they can provide much of the same freedom that existed prior to the arrest.

These are just a few of the benefits that come along with utilizing bail bonds when facing an arrest – and at Beehive Bail Bonds, we’re here to help make sure you get those benefits as quickly and reliably as possible. Contact us at any time for more information on our bail bond services around Park City, Heber City and nearby areas.