Booking Process and Posting Bail Before Transfer, Part 1

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Information on Various Bail Bonds and Release Formats, Part 2
June 25, 2019
booking posting bail transfer
Booking Process and Posting Bail Before Transfer, Part 2
July 30, 2019
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Booking Process and Posting Bail Before Transfer, Part 1

booking posting bail transfer

While there are a few sub-categories when it comes to posting bail or a bond to help a friend or loved one get out of jail, the primary benefit is a relatively obvious one: The ability to leave jail as soon as possible. No one wants to be in jail, and bail is one format that allows standard release with a court date booked for the future.

At Beehive Bail Bonds, we’re happy to offer a wide of 24-hour bail bonds to anyone who has been incarcerated. Whenever possible, we help clients post a bond and make bail before what’s known as a basic jail transfer – in this two-part blog, let’s go over the standard process of booking into a jail, how a transfer plays into this process, and the benefits associated with posting bail and getting out before you’re transferred.

General Booking Process Basics

When first arrested, incarcerated individuals will be held at a local facility for what’s known as booking. Time spent here will usually be relatively short depending on your location and the precise nature of your accused crime, but this is a vital period for calling a friend or loved one and inquiring about posting bail or securing a bond.

After some period of time, sometimes a few hours or sometimes a few days, you will be transferred to a larger county jail facility. Once this happens, while you won’t completely lose your ability to communicate with loved ones or a bondsman, this communication may become more difficult to access. As a result, the process of securing release can become significantly more complex, and can take much longer than it would have previously. Our subsequent sections in this blog series will discuss several specific benefits of using a bail bondsman to help secure release before this transfer takes place.

Time Saved

For starters, posting bond or bail at a local facility will save time for everyone involved. Booking into the larger county jail facility often takes a very long time – there are large numbers of people in these buildings, and the processing wait is often significant. Just getting out after posting bail itself can take well over six hours in many cases.

In addition, all this time spent in jail is time your friend or loved one could be using on fighting their case. For this reason, a bondsman should be among your first calls after booking into the local facility has taken place, allowing for early release and acquisition of legal representation.

Family Responsibilities

For those with families, securing a quick release is often vital. Those with children can’t risk leaving them alone for hours or even days at a time while incarcerated, and similar issues exist in several other scenarios. This is another reason why calling a bondsman and posting bail quickly are important tasks.

To learn more about posting bail before a transfer is made, or to learn about any of our bail bondsman services, speak to the staff at Beehive Bail Bonds today.